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POM Sheet

  • POM Sheet

POM Sheet

Type Length
Tolerance (mm)
Square  20-2000 20-1000 2-200 0-+15%
Colors/Sizes can be customized

POM板 (7)POM板 (9)


Polyacetal (POM) has high strength, light weight, It is widely used in industrial machinery, automobiles, electronics, daily necessities, pipes and accessories, precision instruments and other departments.

POM has a very low coefficient of friction and good geometric stability, which is especially suitable for making gears and bearings.

POM has high temperature resistance, so it is also used in pipeline devices (pipe valves, pump housings), lawn equipment, etc.

POM Performance Index

Item name Unit  Result
density g/cm³ 1.43
Water absorption % 0.2
Tensile Strength MPa 70
Elongation % 15
Impact strength (no gap) KJ/m2 108
Impact strength (with notch) KJ/m2 7.6
Work-temperature -40~+100
Softening temperature 150
Heat distortion temperature 155

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