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PA6 Nylon Rod

  • PA6 Nylon Rod

PA6 Nylon Rod

Type Diameter
Extruded Rod 6-340 As Ordered
Colors/Sizes can be customized

PA6棒 (19)PA6棒 (23)PA6棒 (33)

PA6 Nylon

It is widely used in industrial production to manufacture bearings, circular gears, cams, bevel gears, various rollers, pulleys, pump impellers, fan blades, worm gears, thrusters, screws, nuts, gaskets, high-pressure seals, oil-resistant gaskets , Oil-resistant containers, housings, hoses, cable jackets, shears, pulley covers, bullhead planer sliders, electromagnetic distribution valve seats, cold aging equipment, gaskets, bearing cages, various oil pipelines on cars and tractors, Pistons, ropes, transmission belts, zero fog of textile machinery industry equipment, as well as daily necessities and packaging films.

PA6 Nylon Performance Index

Item name Unit  Result
Density g/cm³ 1.13
Tensile strength MPa 60
Ulimate elongation % 30
Operating temperature MPa 90

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