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Microwave Mat

  • microwave mat

Microwave mat

Advantages of the non-stick microwave liner

1.100% non-stick

2.Reusable for thousand times

3.Heat resistant  up to 260 °C(500°F)

4.Quick and convenient


6.Suitable for all ovens (gas, electric, AGA, hot-air, microwave, grill )

7. Can be cut to size with scissors to fit any oven

8.Easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or kitchen paper

9.Dishwasher safe

10.non-stick oven liner Complies with food regulations, was approved by FDA, LFGB etc.

MaterialPtfe  coated fiberglass fabric
Size40*60mm  30*40mm  size can be customized
ColorBlack  Brown
Thickness 0.12 mm   other thinkness also available 
Temperature range-70°C~260°C
Packing1.color box 2.pp bag bulk

How to use the non-stick microwave liner

  • Lay the oven liner on the bottom of ovens to protect the bottom from splash

  • the non-stick teflon sheet slides beneath your ovens bottom is used for catching all the messy drips from pies

  • cakes and casseroles that  bubble over then you can just wipe them right off the slick surface with this

  • reusable teflon oven liner with a100%non-stick surface you days of scrubbing the oven floor are definitely over.

  • The magic oven liner can be used for years on either side.



·Avoid using metal, sharp or pointed objects on the liner, they might damage the liner.

·Do not put the liner in direct contact with flames, burners, grill or heating elements.

·Never put the liner on the floor of the oven, but always on the bottom rack!

·Do not cover ventilation holes of the oven (gas oven).

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