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MC Nylon Sheet

  • MC Nylon Sheet

MC Nylon Sheet

Type Length
Tolerance (mm)
Square  20-2000 20-1000 6-100 0-+15%
Colors/Sizes can be customized

MC板 (45)

MC板 (38)

MC Nylon

    MC nylon can directly replace the original copper stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal products. Over the years MC nylon pulleys, sliders, gears, worm wheels, idlers, support wheels, walking wheels, water pump impellers, bushings, bushes, pins, piston valve bodies, baffles, belt pulleys, rotating wheels, rods, pipes , Sheet metal, etc., not only better replace the corresponding metal products, but also reduce costs for users, extend the life of the whole machine and parts, and significantly improve economic benefits.

The density of MC nylon is 1.15g / cm³, and thework-temperature exceeds 120 ℃ for a long time.

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